Training Solutions

Training Solutions include of a range of employee, leadership, and team training programs customized to our clients’ needs. Our Training Solutions are initiated by conducting comprehensive needs assessments to prioritize our clients' training needs and ensure strong transfer-of-training to the work environment. Designed according to a core set of adult learning principles, our Training Solutions are highly interactive, experiential, and immediately applicable to participants’ job needs. We ensure that all participants in our training programs are placed at the center of the learning experience by utilizing employee-centered learning activities, including customized assessments, role-playing exercises, simulations, reflection exercises, team-building activities, and targeted development plans. While we design training solutions across a range of skills and behavioral competencies, our clients’ needs frequently include the following topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Communication Skills

  • Conflict Management Skills

  • High-Performance Teams

  • Cultural Intelligence

  • Performance Feedback & Coaching

  • Collaboration Skills

  • Leading Change

  • Developing Talent

  • Transformational Leadership


executive & Team coaching

Executive & Team Coaching solutions include individual and team coaching programs that help executives, managers, and team leaders clarify their short-term performance objectives and long-term career goals, identify leadership strengths, development areas, and blind spots, and gain insight into how their values and beliefs drive leadership competencies and performance outcomes. Our coaching services are fully customizable to meet a range of development needs, including onboarding coaching that accelerates a leader’s assimilation to his or her new team during the first six months of a critical transition, team coaching that supports small groups of leaders or temporary teams with shared development goals, and specialized coaching that targets the development of highly specialized skills or capabilities.

leader onboarding & assimilation

Leader Onboarding and Assimilation solutions include programs and practices designed to support the critical transition period for executives and managers who are beginning new leadership roles via internal promotions or external placement. Our onboarding services accelerate the assimilation of executives into their new roles, integrating with their new team members, and adjusting to the organization's culture. Our comprehensive executive onboarding process engages many stakeholders in the assimilation process, including the executive’s new direct reports, peers, supervisors, critical colleagues across divisions and functions, and clients or other external stakeholders. Our customizable New Leader Assimilation program accelerates early success in new roles via comprehensive stakeholder analysis, semi-structured interviews with diverse stakeholders, interactive consultative processes involving the new leader and key stakeholders, and action plans targeting key milestones during the transition period.