Succession Management

Confronting an Inconvenient Truth: Developing Succession Management Capabilities for the Inevitable Loss of Executive Talent



Drawing heavily on our original research projects and consulting work with organizations across industries, which was recently published as a book for boards and executive teams (Winning Strategies: Building a Sustainable Leadership Pipeline through Talent Management & Succession Planning)  this presentation presents the results and best practice recommendations for developing a sustained pipeline of leadership talent that is prepared to meet the myriad challenges facing today’s executives. Through hundreds of interviews with executives and board members, national benchmarking surveys and in-depth case studies of organizations with exemplary succession planning practices, and numerous consulting engagements, this presentation is aimed at boards, executive teams, and HR/OD professionals seeking to establish an action plan for enhancing their organization’s succession management capabilities.

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Executive teams, board members, and HR/OD professionals may utilize the best-practice framework shared in this presentation to assess and further develop their company’s succession management and talent development practices. An important premise of this presentation is the role of succession management capabilities for meeting many of the challenges faced by most industries, notably workforce demographic changes. In addition to the expected surge of executive team turnover due to baby boomers exiting the workforce, boards and executive teams must grapple with the alignment of HR and talent management practices to an evolving business environment. Numerous best practice organizations will be showcased as illustrative examples of succession management and talent development capabilities.

learning objectives

Discover the primary industry trends and challenges driving the business case for greater development of executive succession capabilities;

Learn about the incidence and quality of succession planning across industries;

Examine an evidence-based model of succession management and talent development best practices, including practical recommendations for (a) initiating a succession planning process and (b) enhancing an existing succession planning process;

Evaluate your organization’s succession management and talent development practices using an evidence-based assessment tool (Talent Management Capabilities Assessment), and develop an action plan for your board and senior executive team; and

Learn a set of core talent management principles and corresponding best practice recommendations that effectively address the challenges facing organizations in today’s evolving business context.