Succession Management

Succession Management services include a comprehensive set of programs and practices designed to identify, develop, and place the next generation of leaders. We help clients develop robust succession planning capabilities that include an annual talent review process consisting of rigorous high-potential leadership assessment across management levels and business divisions or functions. Supporting the annual talent review process is the development of talent profiles that evaluate leaders along several critical dimensions, including leadership potential, risk and impact of loss, derailment risks, and potential future roles across the organization. Our customizable annual talent review process includes comprehensive assessment of high-potential leaders, including nine-box tools that slot leaders according to leadership potential and job performance, strategic development plans for high-potential leaders consisting of numerous development activities tied to strategic initiatives (360-degree feedback, mentoring, assignment-based development, training modules, and other experiences), and best practices for codifying the data collected during the talent review process to sustain the organization’s succession planning capabilities.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment services include the development of customizable leadership competency models and assessment tools that align with our clients’ business needs. We work collaboratively with organization to identify a valid and comprehensive framework of leadership competencies that drive leadership performance outcomes. Validated through years of rigorous empirical research and customizable for our clients’ needs, our assessments include 360-degree leadership feedback tools, high-potential leader assessments, and an array of self-assessments focusing on highly specialized skills or competencies that are critical for driving business outcomes. The development of customizable assessment tools supports our clients’ goals across a range of talent management practices, including Leadership Development programs, Executive Coaching services, Succession Management processes, and Onboarding and Assimilation activities.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development services include the design and delivery of comprehensive leadership development programs that are tailored to our clients’ business needs. Development programs are designed for multiple management levels or leader cohorts while utilizing a range of learning methods, including traditional classroom-based training modules addressing leadership competencies, role-playing exercises, project-based learning, blended learning experiences that incorporate online applications, interactive case studies, and other learning experiences that help managers further develop their strengths and enhance development areas. Our Leadership Development services include the design and delivery of a customized Leadership Academy program that offers clients a comprehensive in-house solution for developing various leader cohorts, including executive teams, high-potential leaders, and cross-divisional or cross-functional management teams.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching services include individual and team coaching that helps leaders clarify their short-term performance objectives and long-term career goals, identify leadership competency strengths, development areas, and blind spots, and gain insight into how their values and beliefs drive leadership behaviors and business outcomes. Our coaching services are customizable to meet a range of client needs, including onboarding coaching that accelerates a leader’s assimilation to his or her new team during the first six months of a critical transition, team coaching that supports small groups of leaders or temporary teams with shared development goals, and specialized coaching that targets the development of highly specialized skills including cultural intelligence or cross-cultural capabilities.

Leader Onboarding & Assimilation

Onboarding and Assimilation Services include a range of programs and practices designed to support the critical transition period for executives who are beginning new leadership roles via internal promotions or external placement. Our onboarding services are designed to accelerate the assimilation of executives into their new roles, team members, and organizational culture. Our comprehensive executive onboarding process engages numerous organizational stakeholders in the assimilation process, including the executive’s new direct reports, peers, supervisors, critical colleagues across divisions and functions, and clients or other external stakeholders. Our customizable New Leader Assimilation program accelerates early success among newly transitioned leaders via comprehensive stakeholder analysis, semi-structured interviews with direct reports and other critical stakeholders, an interactive consultative process involving the new leader and key stakeholders, and a series of action plans targeting key milestones during the transition period.

Talent Management Analytics

Talent Management Analytics services consist of rigorous evaluation and data analysis activities that assess our clients’ entire spectrum of talent management and succession planning capabilities, including overall strategy, programs, policies, and impact on key performance metrics. The overarching assessment goal is to evaluate the design and execution of the entire talent management system and alignment with the organization’s business needs. The assessment process is driven by Talent Management Best Practices, a validated model of talent management and succession planning best practices that predict performance outcomes. Our customizable assessment process helps clients identify their key strengths and development areas across the entire spectrum of talent management capabilities. As part of the assessment process, we help clients identify the most important metrics for assessing the effectiveness of their talent management system, including analysis of aggregate historical talent data and current conditions to inform decision-making and guide talent investments.