Developed through an intensive evidence-based validation process, our assessments are designed to support our clients’ talent development and succession management capabilities. We offer assessment solutions that include standardized instruments that have been validated through our research projects, as well as customized assessments that are tailored to our clients’ unique needs. We work collaboratively with organizations to adopt the right assessment strategy for supporting talent development and success management capabilities. All assessments include timely administrative support to ensure effective execution for corporate-wide programs, executive teams, training programs, and small-scale projects.

Talent Development & Succession Management Assessment: A company-wide, survey-based assessment that measures the strengths, development areas, and action-planning priorities across the Talent Management Best Practices model. Validated by longitudinal research consisting of benchmarking surveys, case studies, and qualitative studies of organizations with exemplary talent development and succession management practices, the Talent Management Best Practices model consists of eight talent and succession management capabilities.

Leadership Style Assessment: Competency-based, 360-degree assessment of leadership behaviors and skills that has been validated by longitudinal research. This assessment supports the assessment and development of both emerging and experienced leaders who are seeking development of leadership competencies that drive effective organizational change. Often utilized as part of a leadership development or training program, the Leadership Style Assessment measures an individual’s primary leader values, primary leadership strengths and development areas, gaps in self-awareness, targeted developmental goals, and priorities for action planning.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment: Competency-based assessment of leader emotional intelligence, including four sets of behaviors and skills that are requisite for leaders in today’s organizations. Validated by field studies that measured the emotional intelligence of managers across levels and industries, the Emotional Intelligence Assessment is an important element of developing leadership talent. The assessment is deployed in both self-report and multi-rater, 360-degree versions.

Cultural Intelligence Assessment: Developed and validated by the Cultural Intelligence Center, LLC, the Cultural Intelligence Assessment measures four dimensions of cross-cultural competencies that are critical for driving performance outcomes in culturally-diverse organizations. The assessment has been validated through years of rigorous research by scholars across the globe, including field studies, laboratory experiments, and meta-analyses. The consultants of Groves Consulting Group have conducted several independent studies validating the impact of leader cultural intelligence on team performance, leadership effectiveness, and negotiation processes and outcomes in culturally diverse organizations. The assessment is deployed in both self-report and multi-rater, 360-degree versions.